Church construction design has moved away from the conventional red brick building with a steeple and windows. The trend today is for a larger building that is more like a social centre than just a church, complete with a gym, coffee shop or snack bar, and a large permanent theatre used for outside events as well as church services.  And some of today’s more forward-looking churches even boast a children’s club, rock climbing wall and basketball court. Memorial parks, a patio area and pleasant walking paths are also increasingly popular.

basketball court
Basketball court as well as a permanent theatre for the church services.


Recreation, gym for exercise and children’s club.


coffee shop
Coffee shop to relax and mingle other members of the church.

The use of natural light is also more common in contemporary church construction design, rather than the gloomy and dark interiors of yesterday. Not only does natural light seen as a closer connection with the divine, but it also attracts and retains more worshippers.

natural light
Natural light seen as a closer connection with the divine and also retain the worshippers.

Today’s churches have been designed to encourage visitors to mingle, linger after the service and get to know each other – which after all is one of the church’s most important roles. The brighter space and modern design also encourage more people to take part in church-related events and activities. And many larger churches are installing signs to help new members find their way through the often bewildering building.

walking paths
Members encouraged to mingle others and visitors.

Better security is also a big part of church design today, and you may notice more security cameras and secure entry points at a new church somewhere near you.

security cameras
Better security is also a big part of church design today.